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We've got two schedules to keep you in the loop: one for our only home games and another that includes our away bouts too! If you're all about the local vibe and cheering from the stands, the Home Games Schedule is your go-to. For those who love a road trip and want to be there for every nail-biting moment, the Full Schedule has you covered.


Get ready for the roar of the crowd and the thunder of skates hitting the track! Our home games are where the Roughneck spirit truly comes alive. Witness the bone-crushing action as our team defends home turf and show our prowess on roller skates. 

For the die-hard fans looking to support us on the road, our full schedule includes both home and away games. It's your passport to follow the Roughnecks wherever the action takes us. Whether we're dominating on our home turf or conquering rival territories, your support fuels our drive for victory.

Home Game Location

First time coming to a game? Not sure where you're going? All home games at held at the Ninowski Recreation Center at 1367 East 71st St S, Broken Arrow, OK 74012.

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