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New Skaters





Interested in becoming a skater? Are you ready for a challenge? No experience is necessary! Must be 18 or older to join the adult league and ages 7-17 for the juniors league. 


Fundamentals classes run twice a year, the first starting in the early part of the year and the second in the summer. All new recruits go through a 12 week training program where the focus is learning all the basics of quad skating and the rules of the game. All skaters are required to pass a set of minimum skills before competing with full contact in games or scrimmage. Each person learns at a different rate depending on their skating background, fitness level, practice dedication, etc. If a skater isn't passed on skills by the end of the initial 12 weeks they are encouraged to continue practicing until they are able to do so!

If you would like to learn more, please feel free to contact with any questions!

League Requirements

- Sliding Scale Monthly Dues (more information upon league membership)

- WFTDA Insurance $75 annually

- League Involvement (through practice and event attendance)

Required Gear

You are required to bring your own mouth guard, but can borrow other gear when getting started. New recruits are able to borrow all necessary gear (with the exception of the mouth guard) until they are able to obtain their own.

- Helmet

- Mouth guard

- Elbow pads

- Knee pads

- Wrist guards

- Quad skates

Practice Times

Mondays: Juniors from 5:30pm-7pm Adults 7pm-9pm

Wednesdays: Juniors from 5:30pm-7pm Adults 7pm-9pm

Saturdays: 10am-12pm

Monthly League Meetings are typically held the first Saturday of the month following Saturday morning's practice.

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