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Meet the League

There are many ways to be involved with RRD! The organization is comprised of skaters, coaches, non-skating officials, and skating officials. There is a place for everyone to take part, whether skating or not!

Roughneck Home Team

The Roughnecks are RRD's original team and play both home and travel games. They strive to improve their athleticism while having fun in the sport of roller derby. 

WFTDA Charter Team

The Elite team is RRD's WFTDA charter team. The Elite play in travel and home games and work to participate on the highest competitive level.

Fundamental Skaters

New Recruits and Skaters-in-Training

All members of the league must go through training to safely learn the ins and outs of roller derby before playing. These members are our Fundamental Skaters and are all working to pass their minimum skills assessments. 

Skating and Non Skating Officials

Roller derby couldn't happen without the officials who make the game possible! RRD is proud to have an Officials membership option and growing group of individuals dedicated to understanding and improving the game.


Meet the coaches and trainers who keep our league in shape!

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